As the days towards your birthday are approaching sooner, you often find yourself asking the same question, “what can I do for my birthday?” Sounds familiar? If this is you, we have a few FREE options for you to choose from.

1. Cape Town Aquarium
Do you enjoy the marine life? If so, the Cape Town Aquarium offers you a free visit on your birthday. You simply have to present your valid ID booklet or card that reflects your date of birth. The offer is valid six days thereafter.

2. Galileo Open Air Cinema
Are you in the mood for a Jason Statham action packed film or a romantic flick with your loved one? The Galileo Open Air Cinema has a birthday package lined up just for you. It includes free entry, a blanket & a backrest. Be sure to check our their movie schedule before heading out. Tickets normally range from R109-R195 without any voucher.

3. Cape Wheel
If you are afraid of heights, then this might not be the best idea. In order for a free ride, sign up on their birthday club & you will receive a free voucher on your birthday.

4. Krispy Kreme
With their stores already flourishing in Cape Town, it is safe to say that this is a hotspot. Download the app 48 hours before your birthday to redeem a dozen free original glazed doughnuts.

5. R50 voucher from the Body Shop
In order to redeem your voucher, make sure that you are part of the rewards programme to get your R50 voucher via SMS.

Windows Hosting in South Africa

windows hosting south africa

windows hosting south africa

Windows hosting services in South Africa are available at Hosting. We know that finding a good hosting provider in South Africa that offers windows asp.net hosting is hard. There are only a handful of ISPs offering this with very few offering full trust windows hosting. The question is why are hosts offering full trust hosting when medium trust hosting is so much secure. The reason is simple. Having every customer’s website “just work” rather than troubleshooting intensely to get their sites to work. But what about security! Well there is a solution.

The solution is to offer isolated(dedicated) application pools on windows 2008 R2. This ensure when offering full trust hosting that all websites are still secure and “isolated” from one another even on full trust. Medium trust by far is still more secure. But offering secure full trust can help alot in assisting customers that run into many issues with a lot of ISPs hosting on medium trust platforms and getting no where.

ISPs need to always keep in mind that full trust hosting always needs to be monitored and constantly secured, patched,etc.